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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Bridal Dress

I finished my bridal dress . Although this dress has a very simple and elegant look , this was probably the most time consuming doll outfit I have ever made. I enjoyed doing it from the first point of designing the dress to the final details. The pictures was taken without a body and it is missing the petticoat , therefore is not showing the shape properly however ; it fits my dolls beautifully .

The dress is made from a lovely hand woven Silk Charmeuse in a pearl color ( my picture is not showing the true color ) . The corset was entirely hand applied with ribbon cords, lace, pearls and fluorescent,clear Sequins.

The skirt was made in 2 layers and underneath is suported by a 7 inches wired petticoat .A total of 60 inches is around the hemline that was finished with clear sequins. The entire lower edge of this gown has a Swiss lace applique that I meticulously adorned with glass beads and pearls.

The shoes were made using my doll's feet as pattern , so it fits her perfectly and match the gown very gracefully.

For the bouquet I choose handmade tiny roses, lace , pearls, and fine silk ribbons..

I am assembling the girls on Saturday and have plans to get pictures done Monday and Tuesday, hopefully I can post again soon.