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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

22nd Annual National Doll Festival

I am soooooo excited to announce that I will be participating on my first doll show. It will be NEXT month, July 11 to 15th In Atlanta ,GA at the 22nd Annual National Doll Festival .I was not planning to participate on this one , as I knew it was too late to sign in but , after speaking with the coordinator , he so kindly opened a space for me. Ohhhh, I am so nervous.... I have not slept the past few nights working on the dolls ...there is so much to do !!!!!!!!!!!
My husband and children are just the most wonderful family and they are all helping me by doing my chorus so I can spent as much time as possible preparing the dolls.
I am working on a *very* special doll . She will be the center of my show. She is a new mold and one of the most beautiful doll I have created - she is a bride!
I am in pouring , firing stage and no time for computer or order at this point. All things are in hold right now and my focus is solo in the upcoming show.
I want to thank you all of you , wonderful doll/faerie artist , and your lovely work that has inspired my so much . Your kindness and encouragement has been such a blessing to me. I don't want mention names, but you all know who you are . ((( thank you ))) for visiting me, for your emails, comments in my blog, and so much more. I would *love* to meet each one of you in person one day. For now, if you are planing to attend the show , please look for Patitadolls's booth and come see Kate and I. *grin*

I am looking forward to meet new people and other artists. I have never been in a doll show before so this is very exciting.
I will do my best to post pictures ... I am working on the dolls, wigs , clothing , shoes and accessories.... now I only need to find someone that will milk my cow while during my absence *grin*