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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Double Joints

After creating my single jointed dolls , I began thinking what next. I love the look of the single joints because is more uniform ;however I have to admit that the double joints allows a little more flexibility and extension of the parts. I could have made just the new joints and adjusted the molds but I have been wanting to sculpt a new body as well. What I didn't realized when I first started making my dolls was that I would have so many ideas popping in my head.*grin*
I have learned to *select* them too. Everything that has to do with mold-making and porcelain-firing takes a lot of time - from designing to execution .
I finished the prototype and now I will be starting on mold making next week. It is a long process as I have become obsess ,*grin* , in how my molds looks. It is because it's functionality is affected if the mold is not smooth and clean.
The entire process of making molds takes about 10 days then I have to let it dry . Normally with in 2 weeks is ready for use but when I make a mold for the first time I always make a master mold because these molds wears out after so many pouring.
I have a new doll (face) ready but I will wait for the new body to show her to you.
As a foot note. I did not like how my horse flockling turned out . I removed the entire work that I did and because I didn't want to damage the sculpt ,in which I loved , it took me 3 full days of work .
He has a new coat , new flockling and it is looking really good. I still have a lot to do and I have been enjoying this challenge. I am not sure yet but I am contemplating the possibility of air brushing paint.... I guess I will have to try and see what works best.