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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The worse comes first

The most difficult thing in mold making to me is the hand mold. I decided this time to make the molds from the worse to the easiest . The hands, feet and legs are all done and i should be pouring these this week. the upper body and arms and new head should be head for pouring next week so hopefully with in 3 to 4 weeks maximum I will have few dolls to show you . they will be ready for sale and I will then be taking orders.
These hands are exactly what I wanted. My first hands had the thumb out and when I start to make clothes for the dolls I disliked that. These are also very petite and will suits the new bodies incredible well.

It will be soon...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Doll prototype

I can't help thinking that most of you have already forgot about me.grin. I know , I know , I am moving so slow, but I promise you that when I do have my dolls ready it will worth the wait!

It took me so long to create my first dolls and when I finally did and had then in my hands I started to wonder how they would be if I changed here and there.....sigh.... and as hard it was for me to come to the decision that I did of completely restart again, I can not tell you how glad I am that I did that.

My mind was going back and forth in how could I improve the dolls I already had. in which by the way ,I love it very much and nothing was *wrong with it* but I want PD to look like real human and for that I needed to go back to want I have been doing for the past few years - sculpting.

From the beginning I wanted Isabella to have a smaller body equal a young girl. I also want a older girl body equal a 18 years old.

I am done with the first body prototype and you can have a peek below, and the older one is coming along but I will start molds tomorrow.

I was sick for while and was unable to handle some of the materials that I use on my shop. That it self put me behind a lot too but I am glad in way because I really feel refreshed and very much inspired.

These new bodies have so much details that only the porcelain will show you. The back bone is probably my favorite... you can see the ribs and the back bones like a real young girl has.

The doll's head you see below is my new doll . I am excite about her too, but I may have to wait until the second body is ready because she is older and her bust and hips will be more curved.

Anyways, I am here still working hard and Lord willing I should be able to have one or 2 dolls ready for sale before the holidays.

Yes, I will be taking orders after that but I also will have the first dolls ready for immediately buy.
* Excuse my pictures .... I use my work camera for it and the quality is not that great.