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Monday, July 20, 2009

Horses for Patitadolls

I love to sculpt animals almost as much as I love to sculpt dolls. I have made several dollhouse animals in the past and now I am making in a much larger scale ( close to 1/6) to fit my dolls. I am working on two new dolls and their accessories. It will take some time for me to have them ready and available to order because the entire plaster mold process takes a long time , but I will get there.*grin*
Meanwhile, I have been working with the horses. I plan to make 3 in which one will be : Appaloosa ,Friesian and Arabian Horses.

They are quite large and a challenge due to their sizes. I had to make them from mixed mediums . I have finished my first one ( Appaloosa ) and I am now doing the furring . This is a lot of fun specially because I did a deep research over model horses and what I found out was that most artists uses only airbrushes paints without any flockling. Well, I wanted to try with flockling because I think I can make the horses more realistic looking but, I must to say that the painted ones are pretty incredible too.

The WIP head you see has two layers and still needs a lot work but I like it so far....

For the equestrian-themed dolls I will have one dressed in 1800s attire, and the other with modern riding clothing. The third one... for the Arabian Horse will be a princess.... I am not sure yet but probably from the Middle East.