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Friday, July 17, 2009

Doll Show

Hello everyone~ As much fun and excitement I had at the doll show, nothing like getting back home to my family and my farm. *grin*
The show was *wonderful* , so much more than I expected. I meet wonderful people, collectors, and artists. What a experience !!!!!!!!!
My pictures are awful . The lighting was not good and I learn that I need to take my own lighting with me to my next show in which by the way, it will probably be the IDEX in Orlando, FL, in January 2010.
I have a lot to do before that and I can tell you that Monday I will get start working.

There were so many wonderful artists at the show.... here you can see me with Monica Reo. This lady is an incredible doll maker. Her porcelain dolls are large scale and one of the most beautiful and realistic faces I ever seen....Check out her site by clicking her name above.
The show was a busy one however I felt sick during the time I was there. I am not sure what it was and I can tell you that I am doing much better now, but I had a very hard time breathing while I was there.
Over all, I can tell you that I am enjoying the whole business of doll making and I am excited to see what will come next!