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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Here comes the bride...

I am pleased to introduce you my new doll - Alexa!
Alexa is dressed as a bride and she one of the six dolls that I will be bringing to the 22nd Annual Doll Festival , on July 11th- 15th In Atlanta -GA.
Alexa is a new sculpt and I just love the way she looks. She is very different than sweet Isabella , don't you agree?*grin*
This bride has green eyes however you will have a chance soon to meet one Alexa with blue eyes and another with brown eyes.

Alexa is a very lovely bride. I mixed a very white porcelain slip with a hint of pink and it turned up a very soft flesh color ... not like most doll flesh and honestly speaking I prefer this skintone than the white one.

Alexa has a long and soft ( real) mohair wig that is removable. She looks lovely with a dark color wig too , but I had to choose ....

I pierced her ears and she can wear earrings....mmmm, I love that!*grin*
One thing about Patitadolls that I like to bring to attention is that all my dolls can stand alone without support. I study their anatomy a lot when I was designing these dolls because I want to make sure my dolls would be proportional, including their feet and hands

Patitadolls has a set of joints that hides the *bulkiness* of the balls. It is inserted in way that not only locks the legs perfectly, but also retain the natural look of a human legs.... if you read my earlier posts from last year , you know how much work I put into these joints . It was very important to me.

(((Thank you))) so much for visiting me and meeting my new doll... if you are interested to see my other dolls, come back next week as I plan to post some more pictures!