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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So many choices....

I will be completing my 40Th summer this weekend. This will be the first time in my life that I won't be with all my family, except for Kate ,as she is going to the show with me. *grin*
Birthdays are always very special occasion and the children are always eager to prepare gifts and to shop for the birthday person.
This year my *wish list* is the most strange one. It starts with fabrics, trims to wood supplies....smiles... and it is all about -Dolls!
I love , love to make Patitadolls and I am finding out that I also enjoy to dress them and to make accessories.
Now that we are in summer vacation , I have more time to spend on my art . Last Spring, I was only able to make one sofa for my dolls but I want to make more furniture. I have already start on one project that will accompany my next doll , in which by the way the mold is ready for pouring but it will be weeks until she be ready to show because the entire process takes a long time .
I Will be experimenting new ways to use china painting too. For years, I have only painted my dolls with oil paintings and it has nothing to do with china painting , in which is done by layers and firings between that . One can only see it progress as it goes and at the end final results . I had a much *careful* attitude about approaching to the china painting only because I was afraid . Once you fire a layer of paint , you can not fix it , but now I am feeling more confident and will try different face ups for Patitadolls. *grin*

I love all costumes for the dolls but my favorites are definitely from the Victorian Era. Any thing from 1830's to early 1900's is superb . I can not leave it out the Marie Antoinette era and even all the way back to the Egyptian times but most of all I like them all to be very practical too. I am not oppose to make some more extravagant costume in which could display the dolls at shows and with that purpose , I may do that some time in the future but I really enjoy to dress up the girls just like when I used to play as a child.