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Monday, August 31, 2009

The winner is .....

The moment has come

To discover the name

Of the one who has won

This singular game.

In her hold she shall have

A delicate prize-

So lets us not tarry-

For soon she'll be merry-

This one as yet disguised.

Her gift shall be clay-

(With flora and gold)

And fit for a queen

Or so I 've been told.

So gather around

And sit for a spell-

Just watch for the winner

And wish her well.

Thank you everyone who visited and entered. I had a wonderful time making the miniature pottery. Rebecca is the winner!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Patitadoll's Pottery

I had a lot fun today taking pictures of the mini china. I think they turned up lovely specially considering this was actually my first time making crockery in such small scale .
I love how this picture above looks. All I need is the girls and ...aahhh... okay , no males yet!*grin*

When I turn pottery for us , everything counts . I love to end up with beautiful results but practical as well. All my glazes are lead-free because I want to be able to bake, freeze, and serve with the pots.... enjoy its full capacity!
For my dolls , it was important to do the same. Don't be full by their sizes.... My daughters are eager to use their doll wood stove ( a real wood stove that they insert little logs and fry eggs and bacon during the winter months- outside ,of course!) and bake some goodies!

this was a try out of a dogwood painting... I like it a lot and will consider making a full set. I found out how to inlay gold to my porcelain. That was an exciting news because its perspectives for my dolls... I am not sure yet what I will do, however for now, I plan to use on their dishes.... it gives a nice finish , don't you agree with me?*grin*

I can not make more pottery at this moment because I am focusing on many new molds and dolls that I am making but I am hoping that before the holidays I can turn not stoneware but solid porcelain and decorate with a lovely red transferware and gold trims... mmm,I love that!

The picture below shows all the pieces that I did. The set for the give way is there however I have already separated. I will post the set picture and the winner on Sept 1st. If you like to participate and have not left me a comment , you can do now and I will add your name to the pot!

Thank you for stopping by!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I am so anxious to finish my new molds, I can't hardly wait.*grin*
I will have a new pair of hands, 2 new torsos ( upper and lower bodies), and the new double joints.I also have a new face too and she may be one of my older looking dolls.
While I am loaded with mold making , this work in progress is a special order that I used Isabella's mold and sculpted directly on the face while the porcelain was at leather dry stage. As it was requested, I reduced Isabella's eyes and to my surprise I love her too! She is waiting for her new body . She will be dressed in gorgeous 1700's outfit and includes hat and silk shoes. Ohh yes, I will show her to you !

Friday, August 21, 2009

September 1st give way mini china~

Hello everyone~
I am giving way a 6 pieces miniature pottery that I turned in my wheel using my fingers as a solo tool. They are made from stoneware , featuring REAL transferware and guess what ? Real GOLD as trim. I found out how to inlay gold on my porcelain.
The pieces are signed and dated by me. they will be given way on Sept. 1st . I will do a withdraw using the names that were posted before and any that is posted here . If you haven't left me a comment , you may do now and I will add your name to the withdraw.
This miniatures are scale to a 14" doll. You don't have to own one to wish for this...*smiles*

** This are real painting on transferware that are dishwasher /oven safe.... they will NEVER disappear because they were fired on the pieces

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Let me introduce you to Big Joe!

For while now, I have talked about a horse that I was working on for my Patitadolls . This horse was a real challenge for me. Firstly for the size . He stands a little over 13" tall .
I had to use mixed medias to sculpt him and give him just enough weight. Not too heavy and not too light.

My first coat ( flockling) on him turned up terrible. I had to set him aside for 2 weeks because I was frustrated when I removed all I had done but it was then that I had an idea and it worked wonderfully. The coat was created over 6 layers over a medium of my choice.

I named him Big Joe, after a horse from a friend of mine that lives in Homestead , Florida. I used the *real* Big Joe 's picture as reference and you can see here how similar they look.
Big Joe won many trophies in Hialeah completions.

His eyelashes are so cool... again, I was adventures and used a completely new medium instead of lambs wool or real human eyelashes and do you know something? You won't believe how soft this eyelashes are.His eyes were also handmade by me.

Because this horse was handmade and it's size, I wouldn't be able to find a ready made shoes for him.... I honestly didn't even try it because I had the idea of steel in my mind.
Here you can see how lovely the steel worked making it look very close to the real thing.

Big Joe was a tremendous work but a wonderful challenge. I learned much about horses and other things too. I want to make a second one and I probably will but not for while. I still have to make the saddle , stirrups and the final accessories but for now, he will be next to me at my painting desk so when I work on my girls I can think how they going to look like when they are ready to ride on him.....You will see Big Joe again.....soon!*grin*

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Steel Articulation Prototype

**Click on the picture to see the other one**
I was hoping to post my horse but I have been so busy pouring dolls, making molds, and turning pottery that I did not have a chance yet to get pictures done but I will soon,I promise!*grin*
I want to share with you my prototype for my steel articulation. I have edited the photographs since my patents are pending.This model has the holes in the body in order that I may see the precision of the movements with the compression of the springs within the body. I know there are other doll makers that like to see how other people do their work . I understand that and of course you understand that I can not share my system but I can tell you some things about it in which will encourage or discourage you.
Patita dolls has a very unique skeleton system that is held together precisely by 5 pins-That was important to me. The amount of tension is what I like to say - perfect! Why ? Because she not only holds the position but also holds it in place even when holding something with some substantial weight and the other parts do not move when one part moves.
This prototype is marked, written , broken and glued back with epoxie, and still has temporary pins because I had take it apart and put together at least 80 times( probably more) during this process. I thought to replace the parts and make a neat looking model but I changed my mind ... this one means a lot to me.... means hard work, many many sleepless nights, tears , blood but at the end much joy . I am so very proud of this because it took a lot determination and an enormous amount of dedication for me to get here. I have so many plans and ideas , it is hard to sleep sometimes but I am very privileged to have a loving family that adores me and supports my work.
If you like my dolls, please keep visiting me ... I am working many hours a day in several different projects ( including different approach to face painting ) and although they all take a long time to get done , I will get there.
I Appreciate each one of you so much and for your lovely and kind emails to me. It has been a wonderful journey.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

From my home to yours....a gift from my heart...and hands!

Last night I took a break from my mold making and turned some pots.While I was turning I was thinking of all my lovely visitors that often comes to *see* me and read about my work and has also began to love my dolls and its process of making it.
Soooo, I start turning some little fact very little*grin*
Well , as I worked my way I had several ideas and decided that I want to share it with you...not just the idea but what I am making!*smiles*

I have decided that I want to make a complete set of English China with a transferware pattern on it . This will be for my patitadolls and Iplan to turn a set of 40 pieces. My daughters are excited about it because they will be able to use their miniature wood stove and make real food for the dolls,*grin* , well , now they will have a plate to eat what makes me think I need to make them a.....table...and...chairs,grin. yes, I will get there.

I emailed my dear friend Anita and asked her about the give way and she gave me some excellent suggestion BUT I still need *your* help!

For the next three days I will turn all the pots . I am not sure yet about the sizes so I am turning different sizes. Clay shrinks and because some of these items ( the real ones) I don't have in hand to measure and find the scale, I will turn many and just choose the best ones that fits the scale.
I want to list on the bottom of this page a list of options that I can make it for you so , if you would like to take part on this , please leave me a comment and choose which item ( number) you would like to have it. The most voted one will be the final give way.

Some information:
The china will be in stoneware , hand thrown in a potters wheel . each piece will be signed and dated by me.
Each piece will be glazed and fired.
A specially made miniature replica of English pattern will be used as a transfer and fired to each piece to produce a true and realistic English dish.
The scale is close to a 1/6. My dolls are 14" tall and will be perfect for them.
You don't need to own a doll to want participate, just leave me a comment.*grin*
Now , I don't know exactly when it will be ready but I am guessing 4 weeks from today.If I have it ready sooner I will do a post ,show the pictures and ,we can do the withdraw earlier.

I will write down all the names and do one single withdraw. I will announce the winner on a following post.
Now I need your help, please tell me what would like the give way to be:
1 . A set (2) cobalt-blue-decorated Stoneware canisters. Much like what you see for antique butter churn or real vintage stoneware.( I will try my best to replicate, these won't be transferware , but hand painted with potters glazes)
2. A set of 6 dinner plates ( Floral English trasferware)
3. A set of 3 soup bowls and 3 dinner plates.( Floral E. tansferware)
I Will be turning the mini pots the next three day and will take some suggestions , if any. I will be doing some firing on my dolls in 2 weeks... no , is not the new molds yet... these things takes time and I am only able to do this pottery pieces because I am exhausted with the mold making and I need a little break.
As a bottom note, I want to tell you that my next post will be showing you my horse.The first one is all done BUT I am working on the saddle and I have decided that I want to make his horse shoes simply using steel and an anvil to form the shape and permanently attach to the horse feet. I am very proud of him and can't wait to show it to you!*grin*...yes, got find a name... I am horrible about names.....sigh
I must get busy with my designs now....Smiles!!!!!
I will ship to you at my cost....worldwide!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Isabella and I

For while now I have been wanted to take pictures with my dolls but I was always leaving it for later ;However I want you to see the size comparison . I am here with Isabella. My dolls are quite petite but not too small to make sewing difficult for them.*grin*
When I made Isabella I wanted her to look young and innocent . She is just like that. I am now working on 2 new set of bodies. One is a younger girl and the other is a more fuller ( Brazilian woman is on my mind, grin) body. I have double jointed for them too. I can't wait to have it ready.
It took me some time to develop all the parts to where I felt happy . I don't think I will ever settle to one thing only , because it is not in my nature, I get bored easily and I love a challenge, plus as an artist my work is never done. I love improvements and they don't necessarily means better but ... different.
It will take me some time to show you my new dolls and all the new parts , but I will get there.
I have study the possibility to reduce the dolls to a 10" size but because my steel articulation is so precise with such perfect tension, I am not sure if I can reduce it all , perhaps I can but I have many other ideas before I get to that.
I will leave you with my very natural pictures taken by my daughter -Kate.*smiles*