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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Patitadoll's Pottery

I had a lot fun today taking pictures of the mini china. I think they turned up lovely specially considering this was actually my first time making crockery in such small scale .
I love how this picture above looks. All I need is the girls and ...aahhh... okay , no males yet!*grin*

When I turn pottery for us , everything counts . I love to end up with beautiful results but practical as well. All my glazes are lead-free because I want to be able to bake, freeze, and serve with the pots.... enjoy its full capacity!
For my dolls , it was important to do the same. Don't be full by their sizes.... My daughters are eager to use their doll wood stove ( a real wood stove that they insert little logs and fry eggs and bacon during the winter months- outside ,of course!) and bake some goodies!

this was a try out of a dogwood painting... I like it a lot and will consider making a full set. I found out how to inlay gold to my porcelain. That was an exciting news because its perspectives for my dolls... I am not sure yet what I will do, however for now, I plan to use on their dishes.... it gives a nice finish , don't you agree with me?*grin*

I can not make more pottery at this moment because I am focusing on many new molds and dolls that I am making but I am hoping that before the holidays I can turn not stoneware but solid porcelain and decorate with a lovely red transferware and gold trims... mmm,I love that!

The picture below shows all the pieces that I did. The set for the give way is there however I have already separated. I will post the set picture and the winner on Sept 1st. If you like to participate and have not left me a comment , you can do now and I will add your name to the pot!

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