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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Steel Articulation Prototype

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I was hoping to post my horse but I have been so busy pouring dolls, making molds, and turning pottery that I did not have a chance yet to get pictures done but I will soon,I promise!*grin*
I want to share with you my prototype for my steel articulation. I have edited the photographs since my patents are pending.This model has the holes in the body in order that I may see the precision of the movements with the compression of the springs within the body. I know there are other doll makers that like to see how other people do their work . I understand that and of course you understand that I can not share my system but I can tell you some things about it in which will encourage or discourage you.
Patita dolls has a very unique skeleton system that is held together precisely by 5 pins-That was important to me. The amount of tension is what I like to say - perfect! Why ? Because she not only holds the position but also holds it in place even when holding something with some substantial weight and the other parts do not move when one part moves.
This prototype is marked, written , broken and glued back with epoxie, and still has temporary pins because I had take it apart and put together at least 80 times( probably more) during this process. I thought to replace the parts and make a neat looking model but I changed my mind ... this one means a lot to me.... means hard work, many many sleepless nights, tears , blood but at the end much joy . I am so very proud of this because it took a lot determination and an enormous amount of dedication for me to get here. I have so many plans and ideas , it is hard to sleep sometimes but I am very privileged to have a loving family that adores me and supports my work.
If you like my dolls, please keep visiting me ... I am working many hours a day in several different projects ( including different approach to face painting ) and although they all take a long time to get done , I will get there.
I Appreciate each one of you so much and for your lovely and kind emails to me. It has been a wonderful journey.