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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Let me introduce you to Big Joe!

For while now, I have talked about a horse that I was working on for my Patitadolls . This horse was a real challenge for me. Firstly for the size . He stands a little over 13" tall .
I had to use mixed medias to sculpt him and give him just enough weight. Not too heavy and not too light.

My first coat ( flockling) on him turned up terrible. I had to set him aside for 2 weeks because I was frustrated when I removed all I had done but it was then that I had an idea and it worked wonderfully. The coat was created over 6 layers over a medium of my choice.

I named him Big Joe, after a horse from a friend of mine that lives in Homestead , Florida. I used the *real* Big Joe 's picture as reference and you can see here how similar they look.
Big Joe won many trophies in Hialeah completions.

His eyelashes are so cool... again, I was adventures and used a completely new medium instead of lambs wool or real human eyelashes and do you know something? You won't believe how soft this eyelashes are.His eyes were also handmade by me.

Because this horse was handmade and it's size, I wouldn't be able to find a ready made shoes for him.... I honestly didn't even try it because I had the idea of steel in my mind.
Here you can see how lovely the steel worked making it look very close to the real thing.

Big Joe was a tremendous work but a wonderful challenge. I learned much about horses and other things too. I want to make a second one and I probably will but not for while. I still have to make the saddle , stirrups and the final accessories but for now, he will be next to me at my painting desk so when I work on my girls I can think how they going to look like when they are ready to ride on him.....You will see Big Joe again.....soon!*grin*