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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

From my home to yours....a gift from my heart...and hands!

Last night I took a break from my mold making and turned some pots.While I was turning I was thinking of all my lovely visitors that often comes to *see* me and read about my work and has also began to love my dolls and its process of making it.
Soooo, I start turning some little fact very little*grin*
Well , as I worked my way I had several ideas and decided that I want to share it with you...not just the idea but what I am making!*smiles*

I have decided that I want to make a complete set of English China with a transferware pattern on it . This will be for my patitadolls and Iplan to turn a set of 40 pieces. My daughters are excited about it because they will be able to use their miniature wood stove and make real food for the dolls,*grin* , well , now they will have a plate to eat what makes me think I need to make them a.....table...and...chairs,grin. yes, I will get there.

I emailed my dear friend Anita and asked her about the give way and she gave me some excellent suggestion BUT I still need *your* help!

For the next three days I will turn all the pots . I am not sure yet about the sizes so I am turning different sizes. Clay shrinks and because some of these items ( the real ones) I don't have in hand to measure and find the scale, I will turn many and just choose the best ones that fits the scale.
I want to list on the bottom of this page a list of options that I can make it for you so , if you would like to take part on this , please leave me a comment and choose which item ( number) you would like to have it. The most voted one will be the final give way.

Some information:
The china will be in stoneware , hand thrown in a potters wheel . each piece will be signed and dated by me.
Each piece will be glazed and fired.
A specially made miniature replica of English pattern will be used as a transfer and fired to each piece to produce a true and realistic English dish.
The scale is close to a 1/6. My dolls are 14" tall and will be perfect for them.
You don't need to own a doll to want participate, just leave me a comment.*grin*
Now , I don't know exactly when it will be ready but I am guessing 4 weeks from today.If I have it ready sooner I will do a post ,show the pictures and ,we can do the withdraw earlier.

I will write down all the names and do one single withdraw. I will announce the winner on a following post.
Now I need your help, please tell me what would like the give way to be:
1 . A set (2) cobalt-blue-decorated Stoneware canisters. Much like what you see for antique butter churn or real vintage stoneware.( I will try my best to replicate, these won't be transferware , but hand painted with potters glazes)
2. A set of 6 dinner plates ( Floral English trasferware)
3. A set of 3 soup bowls and 3 dinner plates.( Floral E. tansferware)
I Will be turning the mini pots the next three day and will take some suggestions , if any. I will be doing some firing on my dolls in 2 weeks... no , is not the new molds yet... these things takes time and I am only able to do this pottery pieces because I am exhausted with the mold making and I need a little break.
As a bottom note, I want to tell you that my next post will be showing you my horse.The first one is all done BUT I am working on the saddle and I have decided that I want to make his horse shoes simply using steel and an anvil to form the shape and permanently attach to the horse feet. I am very proud of him and can't wait to show it to you!*grin*...yes, got find a name... I am horrible about names.....sigh
I must get busy with my designs now....Smiles!!!!!
I will ship to you at my cost....worldwide!