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Friday, August 21, 2009

September 1st give way mini china~

Hello everyone~
I am giving way a 6 pieces miniature pottery that I turned in my wheel using my fingers as a solo tool. They are made from stoneware , featuring REAL transferware and guess what ? Real GOLD as trim. I found out how to inlay gold on my porcelain.
The pieces are signed and dated by me. they will be given way on Sept. 1st . I will do a withdraw using the names that were posted before and any that is posted here . If you haven't left me a comment , you may do now and I will add your name to the withdraw.
This miniatures are scale to a 14" doll. You don't have to own one to wish for this...*smiles*

** This are real painting on transferware that are dishwasher /oven safe.... they will NEVER disappear because they were fired on the pieces