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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Clothing and Shoes!

Hi , it has been more than a week since I posted here. I have been sick and so some of my children. I am unable to work with my dolls right now until I am completely cured from this sinus infection. This is the second time in less than 3 months that I had this type of infections .I feel terrible because I am so close to finish my molding and yet so far away.....sigh!

Well, meanwhile I have done few little things. I am learning to make shoes! Yes, learning is the real word here. These are such a tiny feet!
I love the look of silk as well as leather, so I have been experimenting with both of them.

First thing I had to do was to create a copy of the dolls feet in wood. The wood one that you see on picture above is the same size of the doll's feet and the white one has a point to it because I want to make some rider's boots and court shoes.

Forgive me my pictures and back grounds.... but here you can see my princess dress... I really love how it turned out and below is my first pair of silk shoes! I will show you close ups later on..... It fits her perfectly.*grin*

This dress is an Jane Austin type of a dress.. I love that era very much and I thing the dress turned up really pretty.
If I have a chance I will add more pictures of some other dresses that I have ready , but perhaps I should wait until they can be worn by the girl?