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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Making Sophia

I am so busy , like a honeybee in spring time!*grin*

I am working with my book, with the marionettes (Snow white) and my BJD's.

I painted Isabella early this morning and I am looking forward to *show* her to you. Although I will have only 2 dolls completed , I will be taking orders then. Also , I am painting 4 different faces to give you more options of lip/eye colors. It has been fun!

Meanwhile, I am working with Sophia's mold. I posted about my troubles when I baked the prototype , but I also told you that I would fix it. So , here you can see her mold and if you take a look inside , there is no defect. All the orange stuff is what I used to fix her . Although she has the visible lines , they were repaired and sanded so smoothly , that if you would hold the head and run your fingers through it you can't feel a thing!*grin*

It is getting close. Isabella will be ready very soon, I am now busy trying to design some outfit for her.