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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hands and Feet

Hi this is a little update on my BJD's progress. Isabella has been fired and she is complete!Yeahh!!!

I have done one layer in china paint and I will have to do this 6 more times to active the final colors.I will then have 2 dolls ready.Here is a picture showing her hands and feet... they have one layer of paint , more to come. The greatest thing about this process has been what I have learn from my errors. I have improved in many areas and one that I am most excited about it is that I learned to sculpt directly on the porcelain.

The dolls will be poured into molds, but each doll , when is in *leather dry* stage allows some sculpting to be done. for ex. the picture is showing her feet . Each toe was sculpted , or *carved* out to create the curves. There is a right time to do that. If one does it when the porcelain is too wet, is not good or to dry , it will break it.

Sophia first mold is been poured. For her head, I had to make a 4 piece mold because I like to sculpt detailed ear and if I made 2 parts mold , I have found it out that does not work, at least for me.

I will have to fire Sophia and make another mold to shrink to her petite body size. I found out that I sculpt better faces if they are larger than smaller... I will also show you Sophia prototype after all my repairs so if you are curious , bookmark my page or visit me often. I have 2 other blogs and few websites ... lots work at the same time ,grin, believe me I am most productive this way because I don't spend a lot a time at once so I feel refreshed when I get back to something that I let set for while....