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Thursday, May 14, 2009

I have been TAGGED!!!!!!!!!!*Grin*

I have been tagged by my dear friend and incredible artist Rose, from bbflockling. If you are a doll maker or collector, you probably have seen some of her whimsical faeries on her ebay listings or her blog. If you have not, you do not know what you are missing! Her creations are boundless- her presentations and costuming are exquisite, and the love that she receives from God and gives to others allows her to create some very beautiful and memorable pieces. Please visit Rosa’s (as I call her) blog below:

I list for you but seven things
For which I am most grateful:
First my Father, King of Heaven
Ruler, Helper, Healer, Friend-
Then the one with whom He blessed me,
With a love that ne’er will end.
Next my quiver, over flowing
Shafts of *joy* that pierce my soul-
They who make our home a haven
Make my life both good and whole.
Still I add our land abundant
Freely sharing nature’s ways-
And from which my inspiration
For my art, God gives each day.
And may I not forget sweet music-
Notes that put together be
Like a friendship , written well
A lovely melody.

(((Thank you dear Rosa)))

I would like to pass this award to the blogs below:

Valandra is an incredible doll seamstress.
Katarina makes incredible porcelain dolls including BJDS.
Gina’s felts are heartwarming , please take a look.
Julia Is an children’s illustrator . Her vibrant illustrations are to be enjoyed.
Suzanne’s blog is a delightful one. Don’t miss visiting her!