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Sunday, June 14, 2009


I have been working with sculpting and painting dolls for few years. China Panting is a new medium for me and I thought to share few faces I painted differently . These were my first ones . I am now working on new faces painting technique and as I get more more comfortable with china painting , it is becoming easier too. I made several new faces only with the idea to practice my strokes and new colors . I will soon have a green eyes babe,grin!!
Details are very important to me. From the very beginning , I wanted my dolls to look as realistic as possible however maintaining the gentle *doll look*. I am making 2 more new feet molds, one will allow the doll to have the toes a little apart so she can wear sandals the other is a surprise!!!!!!!!

This week is a super busy week for me. the last few weeks I have been busy doing pottery , drawings and Snow White marionettes ; however this week I have a lot of plans for patitadolls and hopefully I will be sharing with you a very special one soon!Smiles!