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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It has been a while....

Hello dear reader and doll friends~

I know it has been *forever* since I did a post or did anything else with my dolls. let me explain a little bit what happened.

Last summer I was intensely working with the doll making and I became very ill. I was spending so many hours on my shop that I did not realised how much cost that was.It injured my health and part of my doll making process. I developed an allergy from the plaster. I thought it was the porcelain but the plaster was hurting me badly .

Meanwhile, I hit a wall with my doll process. I normally work with different things to *clear my mind* and instead to do that I was focusing solo on the PD . My mind stop working and I did not have the results that I really want to.

I then decided that I need to set aside and do something else, not knowing IF i would continually do this or not.

Well.... it took me a while but my mind finally cleared up. I feel very refreshed and ready to create.BUT I still have a problem\- mold making.

Such a simple answer and even that I could not see it.....

I have decided to find help. I did make the master mold for the hands and I have several heads ready too but all the new body parts needs the master mold.

i am currently looking for companies to make them for me. Once I have the master I can make more master from it because is easy and it does not take that much time but to make the master mold , it takes me many many hours because I am a little neurotic about it in been just right.
I like to take my parts out and to look almost done ... very clean ... and that takes a perfect mold.

Thank you for not giving up on me and PD. Let's see if I can find a good mold making company to make may molds so I can start making the dolls again.
Final note :
I don't plan to massive make these dolls.... Those of you that have emailed me and asked about it, you will be notified as soon as i have dolls available. I still don't know what I want to do but I can tell you that I do NOT ( at this time) want to make ONLY this dolls and spent all my time just doing that so the result will be less dolls but I will guarantee you that only my best work will be sold.

Thank you again!
ps. I did a pour on my hands to see how it turn out.... I LOVE IT!*grin*

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