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Monday, March 23, 2009

Just a little longer

Isabella new joints molds are ready for pouring. If all work out well , I will be posting pictures next week . The molds looks great and I am so excited to see how it will fit her ... I know it will be perfect ...grin...but lets see....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Isabella is waiting....

When I first made Isabella prototype , I had an idea in mind. My first mold ( see the brown eyes doll ) had the joints permantely attached to the legs and arms. I did not like it because I found limitations to movements.
I worked out new joints , separated for the legs and arms, in which meant that I had to make new molds for the legs and arms a well.
Nothing ever has come to me easily...sigh... I know better that good things requires time and effort.*grin*
After I re-did all I was very excited however I found out as I added the leather to the joints that the joints were now *showing*. I don't want that at all!
Tomorrow, I will start a new mold for the joints.... it is alright because all I have to do is to use the ones I have to make a new mold. Porcelain shrinks and that is all I need.
I should have the dolls ready in 10 days maximum.
I am a perfectionist... being a professional ballerina in my early years has thaught me a lot. I will confess to you that a full kiln allows me 7 complete dolls however because I have to choose the best parts for my final dolls I will be happy when I consider 3 dolls for sale!
I know the pictures are not the best but I want you to see Isabella and my wood shop where I make my molds and furniture.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I spent 6 straigth hours painting Isabella... I was only able to paint few parts.. still have all her legs, arms and joints to do. She will be fired 6 times to allow a beautiful and everlasting finish. China paint fired properly will NEVER fade . The many layers between fire, allows the piece to have a stunning and smooth result.
Time to be with my family.....

Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow in March????

last night I loaded my kiln. It was early evening when I started the fire. Around 1:am, the power goes off... I looked outside to find the ground covered with snow and my thoughts went immediatly to my kiln. I have the kiln in my shop , not too far from the house
The power was still off , so I figured would be better if I turn off the breakers. I knew the klin must had reached over 1000 degrees and because this never happened to me before I got nervous .... would the kiln just slowly cool and I would only have to start the fire again later on?
I left the shop , crossed the snowed path and could not go back to bed.
About 10 minutes , the power came back. Again , back to the shop . I switched the breakers and saw an error message.Then reset it and everything looked good. Obviously, I am *assuming* everything is fine but I won't know for sure until tomorrow when I will be able to open the kiln. I have 7 dolls there.... I don't think I will ever do so many at the same time, just in case of lost.... it took me months of casting, sanding , to make all that ....