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Saturday, April 18, 2009


If you are following me , you must be *tired* by now from hearing about my troubles with porcelain. I am tired myself!
So much work , I do plan to post a picture (with Isabella in the center) surrounded by all the PARTS that I was NOT happy with.
The Joints for the elbows turned out great and they fit her perfectly , but the joints for the knees were too small. I need to find a middle between my first joints and the last ones.
Well I , once again, modified the prototype and made another set of joints. I KNOW these will work out because I placed leather on my prototype doll legs and the new joints fits very nicely. A set of molds were made today.
I will have to wait about a week and start pouring again. I have all the other parts ready ... just need this last mold to work and then I will be able to make Isabella for sale.
It has been a long time and waiting but I don't make porcelain dolls only and I never intend to be a doll maker solo. I LOVE dolls and making Isabella was a challenge but I loved all the steps, even the difficulties, because I have learned how to make molds and make porcelain BJDS.
I always hear people saying that they make one porcelain doll at a time .... I wonder about that ... I honestly have to make at least 3 to get one doll perfect. For those that do not know ... when the porcelain is poured into the mold and even after a soft fire , the doll still VERY fragile. Sometimes I am sanding and I THINK I am just about done , then bang!! I see an imperfection... such as a little hole , a line or anything that will show up after I fire to the mature stage ... that leg is no good to me.
I broke several pieces during the learning process and I fired several pieces that I will never use on any of my dolls. Measuring the amount of work and time consuming , when my molds will be ready for doll making , they will be limited for 10 to 12 dolls a year.
Meanwhile, ( and I know this sounds crazy, because I have not finished Isabella yet) , I have sculpted a new doll - Sophia!